Swells come and go and each one brings a bit of the Pura Vida spirit to the surfing community of Costa Rica and an economic booster to the surf tourism industry of Central America. Some swells donít just come and go though they stay with us for a long time to come as we relive the intense special moments of said swell in our minds, conversations, and in our dreams as we roll in our sleep attempting to rest for the next day of said swell.

On the evening of July 3rd the stars indeed moved into alignment and the forces that exist gathered to unite and deliver the magic energy that our Mother Ocean holds within her. As my tired body aches and my fingers try to scurry up the energy to write this post on what is now Sunday July 6th, I am indeed reliving those moments of riding the longest double to triple overhead waves of my life. In the aftermath of these moments, I barely have enough energy left to even type this post but several cups of coffee and some yogurt will help me walk confidently in the direction of the dream once again. This is the Pura Vida spirit at its peak and I have been blessed to experience it hands on. I had planned and hoped to share many images. However, I ultimately had to fire the CRSP head photographer because that guy (me) is always in the water surfing and never around to shoot the key moments. He (me) did manage to capture a few short clips and it is with great honor and immense joy that I am able to share a few of these moving images with you.

Enjoy the short film and let the comments roll. Pura Vida!